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Washr delivers mobile car washes right to you. And if you need more than a wash, we have you covered! 

Extra Services When Your Car Needs Extra Love

Add multiple services to your wash when your car needs a little extra attention. 


Not only does a clean car feel good, it can also save you thousands of dollars in paint maintenance and resale value.  Regular car washes use machines that are unnecessarily rough on your car.  They can causes scratches and dents, and they don't get your car as clean as it should be. 

At Washr, we go the extra mile to give you a personal and hand-washed experience.  We use 100% de-ionized water free from minerals that can cause damage, premium soaps that won't harm your paint, and eco-friend materials safe for the environment.  We even use only 5% of the water to wash a vehicle compared to a regular car wash. Washr is better for your car and the environment.

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