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Hand Washes Brought Right To Your Car

How we do things

Your life is busy enough, let us take care of your car

Always Hand-washed

Traditional car wash machines damage your paint and don’t really get your car clean.  At Washr, we always hand wash your car to make sure your paint and exterior are in the best condition.

100% Delivered

Don't take time out of your day to stop at the carwash. Bring a wash to you instead with the touch of a button. We will come wash your car wherever it may be with all the tools to get the job done.

Environmentally Friendly

Our hand washes use 95% less water than a traditional drive-thru wash and all of our soaps are acid and phosphate free. This insures a safe wash for both your car and the environment. 

Give your car the love it deserves

Upgrade your wash with add-ons like vacuums, waxes, and even ceramic coatings to make sure your car is in its best condition


Not only does a clean car feel good, it can also save you thousands of dollars in paint maintenance and resale value.  Traditional car washes use machines that are unnecessarily rough on your car.  They can causes scratches and dents, and they don't get your car as clean as it should be. 

At Washr, we go the extra mile to give you a personal and hand-washed experience.  We use 100% de-ionized water free from minerals that can cause damage, premium soaps that won't harm your paint, and eco-friend materials safe for the environment.  We even use only 5% of the water to wash a vehicle compared to a regular car wash. Washr is better for your car and the environment.

"A masterful car wash only requires a little bit of time and a great deal of OCD."

Ryan T. - Founder & COO


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