Benefits of a Handwash

Hand Washes vs. Traditional Car Washes

We have all been there. We see that our car is dirty and could really use a wash, but we may not have the time to wash it ourselves. Life is busy, who really has the time to clean their vehicle? So we do what everyone does - we go to the car wash. Let's look at 3 reasons why this is a horrible idea and why you should always hand wash your vehicle.

1. Hand washes won't damage your car

A big win for hand washes is how gentle they are on your vehicle. Traditional car washes use big machines that literally beat your car to get it clean with massive spinning rags that can cause serious damage. People have reported losing antennas, paint damage, and even losing side mirrors! Your vehicle is more fragile than you may think, so don't put it in a situation that may lower the value of the vehicle through unintentional damages.

2. Hand washes clean better than traditional washes

Since hand washes are done by an actual human, there is higher quality control. This makes sense, because how clean can a spinning Christmas tree really get your vehicle? Car washes notoriously miss bug splatters, bird droppings, and the wheels and tires due to the fact that they can't stop to take extra time to make sure they vehicle is clean. They are programmed to get as many cars through their tunnel as possible, not actually cleaning your car rightly.

3. Hand washes are easier on your wallet

Since hand washes won't damage your vehicle and since they do a better job at cleaning your car, this means they keep your wallet happy since you won't be shelling out that sweet dough to fix repairs or to even rewash your vehicle. Also when it comes time to trade in your vehicle hand washes will make sure your paint is in better condition, too, helping your vehicle retain its value. 

There is one disadvantage for hand washes - they take time! Thankfully, you don't have to do it yourself thanks to Washr. We are a completely mobile car wash that washes every car by hand wherever you are. Whether you're at work, home, or even the grocery store, we can wash your car when you're using your time to do other things that matter to you.